Titan Solar Power Review

Titan Solar Power Company Review

Updated April 18, 2022

Titan Solar Power was ranked the number one rooftop contractor in 2021, 2019, and 2018. In 2021, they were rated the number one residential solar contractor on Solar Power World’s top solar contractor list. The company is a titan of an organization, operating in a whopping 16 states. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Titan Solar Power boasts plenty of experience but mixed reviews from its customers.

Why Titan Solar Power?

Titan Solar Power has had skin in the game since 2013 – so they have valuable experience in an industry that is rather infantile. They have completed over 33,000 projects and have installed over 220,000,000 watts. Titan Solar Power leverages this experience as a self-proclaimed world-class installation service with premier customer experiences.

The company currently operates in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey. They plan on expanding to Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, West Virginia, and Delaware.

The advantage of a large, national solar power company is that they have reach in small cities that may not have much competition. They have completed over 33,000 projects and have installed over 220,000,000 watts.

Authorized Dealers

Titan Solar Power has a large internal staff that handles installation and administrative services. Due to the sheer size of the organization, Titan Solar Power uses authorized dealers to help supply and install solar panels where they simply don’t have the manpower. Other reputable solar companies like Sunrun and Freedom Forever use the same strategy.

This strategy is a double-edged sword – on one hand, using authorized dealers offers Titan Solar Power more reach into more solar markets. On the other hand, it’s much more difficult to enforce standards, and codes of ethics, and to even discipline employees who fail to meet the parent company’s standards. Quality control is often lacking with large companies that subcontract a majority of their installation.

Payment Options

One advantage of being such a large corporation is that Titan Solar Power is able to offer flexible payment plans. They offer both a cash purchase option as well as a lease option. With leasing, you don’t own the solar panels, but you pay zero down and don’t have to worry about maintenance costs while still reaping the rewards of solar. In theory, you will end up paying less to the leasing agency for the electricity generated than you would to your utility company.

But be wary of the leasing option – if you can afford the cash purchase, then it is better overall under almost all circumstances. Solar leases are a way for solar companies to benefit from tax credits and generate long-term revenue. Its quarterly earnings are also beneficial to enticing stockholders. Once again, be wary if any solar company is pushing a hard sales pitch on their leasing option – it’s most likely more in their benefit than your own.

Titan Solar Power Issues

Titan Solar Power does not have the best reputation in the solar community. As a large solar company that uses authorized dealers, many of its issues have to do with the quality control of the installation. As previously explained, spotty quality is expected with large companies that subcontract out their work. Unfortunately, there have also been internal issues within the organization that cannot be blamed on their authorized dealers.

Contractor License Violations

Solar installers are required to be licensed, which often varies from state to state. This is to prevent poor installation that could lead to things like a fire hazards. In October of 2021, Titan Solar Power received disciplinary action in the state of Nevada by the licensing board for:

NRS 624.3014(2)(a) Aiding or abetting an unlicensed person to evade the provisions of this chapter NRS 624.3015(4) Knowingly entering into a contract with a contractor who is not licensed.

In other words, Titan Solar Polar knowingly allowed an unlicensed contractor to install solar panels under their name. This disciplinary action resulted in an administrative fine as well as an investigative cost. This is a red flag and makes me question how legitimate their authorized dealers really are. The company does not have any information posted on how they vet and choose solar installers on their website, which is also a red flag for me. 

Class Action Lawsuit

In 2017, Titan Solar Power found itself on the other end of a class-action lawsuit for its telemarketing strategy. The individual who initially filed the complaint allegedly received numerous unwanted calls from Titan Solar Power even though he requested for his phone number to be added to the Do Not Call Registry.

The case was settled out of court, so it’s impossible to say if the company admitted any foul play. For me, this is also a red flag and goes to show that Titan Solar Power not only knowingly hires unlicensed contractors as authorized dealers but also uses shady marketing strategies.

Titan Solar Power’s Poor Reputation

When checking their online reviews by a third-party company, Titan Solar Power is less than impressive. Their 2.67-star ranking was based on over 100 reviews. The ranking breakdown is as follows:

  • 3.4-star ranking on an easy sales process
  • 3.2-star ranking on accurate pricing as quoted
  • 2.8-star ranking for being on schedule
  • 3.1-star ranking on installation quality
  • 2.7-star ranking on after-sales support

A great majority of the negative reviews revolve around the installation process – there are numerous reports of careless contractors damaging the landscaping, incorrect installation leading to the panels not working, and more. As discussed previously, this is expected to some degree with large solar companies that subcontract the installation.

Other large solar installers such as Sunrun and Freedom Forever deal with the same issues, but not to the same degree as Titan Solar Power. This is another red flag and makes me once again question how Titan Solar Power vets and approves their authorized dealers. The lack of quality control over the installation process is made apparent via their online reviews. To make matters worse, reviews seem to indicate that Titan Solar Power does very little to rectify poor installations.

Titan Solar Power Pricing

Pricing is not readily available on their website. You will have to reach out to get a free quote. This is inconvenient but expected with a large, national solar company with Titan Solar Power. Due to the many different states, tax laws, and contractors that they work within, it’s difficult to put out a ballpark estimate on their website. 


To conclude, Titan Solar Power has plenty of experience in the solar industry but not that great of a reputation. Their poor reputation is mostly due to the quality control of their authorized dealers. If you choose to go with Titan Solar Power, then be sure to vet the authorized dealer beforehand, as your experience with the authorized dealer may make or break your experience.