Venture Solar Review

Venture Solar Review

Updated March 3, 2022

Venture Solar is a solar panel company that serves the Northeastern part of the United States. With a team of over 220 in-house employees, Venture Solar helps homeowners save money on high-quality solar panels. They boast a competitive warranty and outstanding service. This Venture Solar company review will dive into the specifics of their business to help you decide if they are the right solar company for you. 

Why Venture Solar?

Venture Solar has a strong reputation in their service areas of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The company is an LG Platinum Pro Partner which helps customers save money. They have custom designs for each home that not only optimizes aesthetics, but also efficiency. Lastly, Venture Solar works hard to get each customer the best deal possible by helping them search for local incentives.

Although they are not the cheapest company on the market, they are a great option for those looking for a high-value solar panel system with superb customer service, a great reputation, and knowledgeable in-house staff.

LG Platinum Pro Partner

Venture Solar uses high-quality LG solar panels that were made right here in the USA. As an LG Platinum Pro Partner, Venture Solar has access to generous incentives, training, support, and best-in-class warranties. These benefits are passed down directly to the consumer which results in a high-value product and service.

The US-made LG panels boast a rate of efficiency that is 70% more than traditional solar panels. They are paired with Minimal EnPhase microinverters that allow each panel to generate electricity independently of one another which results in less waste.

LG solar panels are sleek and aesthetically appealing. They used a minimalistic design that doesn’t reveal any exposed rails. Lastly, the system is outfitted with an easy-to-use monitoring system that is always accessible from any smart device. This allows consumers to access their system’s production in real-time.

Venture Solar’s Strong Reputation

When checking their online reviews by a third-party company, Venture Solar boasts a 4.55 out of 5.00 stars. Such strong reviews are not found commonly in the solar industry. The 4.55-star ranking was based on over 250 reviews. The ranking breakdown is as follows:

  • 4.6-star ranking on an easy sales process
  • 4.5-star ranking on accurate pricing as quoted
  • 4.4-star ranking for being on schedule
  • 4.5-star ranking on installation quality
  • 4.3-star ranking on after-sales support

A great majority of the positive reviews revolve around outstanding customer service, effective communication, and a painless process from start to finish. Many reviews are centered around their experience with salesmen and women. According to the reviews, their well-educated sales folks are one of their strong points.

When it comes to the negative reviews, there are only ten one-star reviews. Some reviews complain of underperforming solar panels. Other negative reviews complain about a slow installation process once signing the paperwork. Part of the slow installation process can be attributed to the fact that all installation is done in-house and is never subcontracted out. In-house installation typically results in higher quality work.

Local Incentives

In addition to the competitive pricing made available to customers through the LG Platinum Pro partnership, Venture Solar goes the extra mile by helping their customers hunt down and take advantage of local incentives for extra savings. These incentives are transparently listed on their website. The following areas have incentives:

  • New York City
  • Long Island
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware

Venture Solar Pricing

Pricing is available directly on the company’s website. Reviews boast that their quotes are accurate to what they end up spending. This transparency is a huge plus for their customers. Unfortunately, Venture Solar is not the cheapest option in the Northeastern area, but they do offer a high-value and competitive service.

Their pricing is broken down into three different payment options: a monthly lease, finance to own, or an outright purchase.

Monthly Lease

A monthly lease option is a great option for those who are tight on cash but still want to take advantage of all that solar energy has to offer. It is $0.00 in upfront costs and offers low monthly payments that are competitive with your current energy bills. The only downside is that Venture Solar owns the solar panels instead of you.


The finance-to-own option is great for those who can’t afford to outright purchase solar panels but still wants to own them down the line. This is a more flexible option that still has a $0.00 upfront cost. Monthly payments are fixed, and payment terms are anywhere from 5-25 years depending on what’s right for you.

Outright Purchase

The outright purchase option allows homeowners to fully take advantage of all that the solar panel system has to offer. With this option, they pay the full system cost upfront and still benefit from high-quality after-purchase customer service. In addition, all solar panels are sold with an incredibly competitive bumper-to-bumper 25-year warranty. 

Venture Solar Installation Process

Venture Solar’s process from purchase to installation can take as little as two months, although it often takes longer. Unlike other solar panel companies, all work is done in-house. This includes sales, design, installation, and maintenance. Because of this, Venture Solar is unable to offer the lowest prices in the area and sometimes gets backed up resulting in a slower installation time.

The installation process looks a bit like this:

  • In-home consultation
  • Site assessment
  • System agreement 
  • Design and permitting
  • Installation and inspections

On the other hand, taking care of everything in-house holds the company accountable and results in a higher-quality product and service.


All in all, Venture Solar remains one of the best high-value picks in the Northeastern United States. With only four years of experience in the industry, Venture Solar has quickly made a name for themselves for having exceptional customer service and knowledgeable salesmen and women. The perks of their LG Platinum Pro Partnership are passed down to the consumer with sleek, good-looking, high-quality, and reasonably priced LG panels that are made right here in the USA.